A sugar bowl

I am reproducing the slowly diminishing selfless connection, care and generosity among people in the modern urban lifestyle, embodied in a sugar bowl. Living in a foreign city, a foreign culture, I’ve been noticing the growing lifestyle of work first – people second.

Individualism is overflowing the world and recreation of such sugar bowls which for me represent care, connection empathy and generosity, might help us remember there are other ways of living with less loneliness in the world.

I slip casted my sugar bowl and  with it not being completely dry yet, approached to unknown people, people I lost contact with or let the others approach to me, touch the bowl and leave their personal mark on it.

During the period of one month, I encountered and talked to 21 different people in one way or another connected to the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. The project was based on the curiosity about people’s reactions towards the action itself, the depth of connection it produced and the consequential observations it would bring me.